• Complete a short quiz from the exhibition

    The quiz will take you about 10 minutes, if you are currently at the exhibition, you will find out the answers directly on the panels.

  • Question 1/8

    What four letters represent nucleotides?

  • Question 2/8

    How many chromosomes do humans typically have in most of their cells?

  • Question 3/8

    Newborn screening tests for:

  • Question 4/8

    Při buněčné terapii léčení probíhá na úrovni

  • Question 5/8

    Angelman syndrome is often called as:

  • Question 6/8

    Cystic fibrosis affects:

  • Question 7/8

    Last question. What did you like the most at the exhibition?

  • Question 8/8

    Write us your age and gender.
    We would like to know who was interested in our exhibition.

    In which city did you visit the exhibition?
  • Thank you for filling out the questionnaire

    You will be entered into a prize draw. The draw will take place every time the exhibition is moved to another location. Follow our social media for more information. By sending the questionnaire, you also supported research with CZK 50 from our sponsors. Thank you.

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