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Exhibition Schedule

Here you can find out where the exhibition is currently located and where we plan to place it next.

Prague – Motol University Hospital
3rd November – 31st November 2023

Headquarters building, ground floor in front of the large auditorium. Opposite the subway entrance.

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Prague – Václav Havel Airport
1st December 2023 – 30th January 2024

To be determined

Hradec Králové – near the city library
from 1st February 2024
To be determined
To be determined
To be determined
To be determined
Karlovy Vary
May 2024
České Budějovice
To be determined
September 2024
Prague, Smíchovská náplavka, in front of booth No. 17
7th October – 2nd November 2023


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Can’t visit the exhibition? No problem!

One of the main goals of our exhibition is education. That’s why we bring you an online version of the exhibition with significantly more information than you can find at our live event. To make the exhibition happen and operate, we need our visitors to fill out a simple quiz related to the exhibition. It’s not complicated, so give it a try!

Supplementary Materials